Monday, 19 November 2007

Trisha's producers respond on Brighthouse sponsorship

In response to messages left on Trisha's internet forums concerning the sponsorship of her show by Brighthouse (see previous post), the programme's production Company has made the following announcement:

"Some messages have been posted on our forum relating to the sponsor of the Trisha Goddard show on Five.Town House TV Productions makes the Trisha Goddard show but has nothing whatsoever to do with its sponsorship. Nor do we receive any financial gain from it. This is entirely a matter for the broadcaster, Five.If you wish you can contact them separately. You can raise your concerns by calling the customer services team on 0845 7 050505 or you can also email "

Debt on our Doorstep urges supporters to contact Five as directed and to report replies. However, given the fact that there is no 'financial gain' for Trisha from the sponsorship deal with Brighthouse we have asked that she make a statement distancing herself from the company and that she devote a programme to predatory lending and the problems that this causes in the future.

We have posted the following question on the Trisha TV forum:
"...Trisha is quoted in a Five press release as saying that she was delighted by the sponsorship deal with Brighthouse. Is Trisha now retracting that comment?".

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