Sunday, 24 February 2008

Does the world really need the Jordan Credit Card?

From the Sunday Mirror
EXCLUSIVE After the jewellery, the lingerie and books.. it's the Jordan credit card
By Lara Gould Tv Editor 24/02/20

Glamour model Jordan aims to inflate her assets even further - by launching her own credit card.

The 29-year-old - real name Katie Price - is planning a "pink and girlie" card targeted at young women. A source said: "Katie sees this as the next step in developing the Jordan brand. She's lent her name to a string of other products and campaigns so why not move into the financial sector?"

But the idea has caused outrage among consumer groups, who fear the card could lure impressionable youngsters into debt. Jordan has already put her name to a lingerie range for Asda and a line of jewellery for Argos and has written a series of books, including her latest autobiography Pushed To The Limit. She also plans to bring out her own range of jewellery, clothing and cosmetics.

The mum of three, who recently spent more than £43,000 on her latest round of plastic surgery, has applied to have an official Jordan logo registered, featuring her naked silhouette.
She will be the first British star to front their own credit card - a trend kicked off in the US four years ago by rap music mogul Russell Simmons and tycoon Donald Trump - star of the American version of The Apprentice.

But Damon Gibbons, of Debt On Our Doorstep, said: "This is a totally irresponsible idea. Jordan is a very influential celebrity who has a lot of young fans who want to be just like her. Giving them a credit card endorsed by Jordan herself will encourage youngsters to spend cash on living a lifestyle they wouldn't normally be able to fund.

"Uk debt is currently up to around £1.3trillion. The last thing young people need is to be sold a glossy celebrity-backed credit card."

Jordan, who lives in a £3million farmhouse in East Sussex, has an estimated £30million fortune with pop singer husband Peter Andre.
Last night a spokeswoman for the model said: "This is something we are in talks with financial companies about doing in the next year.

"It will be the Katie Price credit card and it will be her own card rather than something Katie just puts her name to."

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