Tuesday, 28 April 2009

BERR Consults on Consumer Credit Directive

The Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform is consulting on the implementation of the Consumer Credit Directive. The consultation, which was launched with little fanfare on the 14th April, will run for only 8 weeks (as opposed to the usual 12), in order to provide lenders with a longer lead in time to accommodate any changes.

The UK process for implementation of the Directive has been dominated by industry interests, with 'expert groups' established comprising of industry representatives whilst consumers have been provided with few opportunities for input. The curatiled consultation period will once again put them at a disadvantage in making their response.

The consultation document is available from http://www.berr.gov.uk/files/file50962.pdf

The Directive covers:

the information that must be provided to consumers at pre-contract, contract, and post contractual stages

  • information to be included in advertisements

  • early repayment

  • APR calculation

  • a duty on lenders to provide adequate explanations of the credit offer

  • an obligation to check the creditworthiness of the consumer

  • the right for consumers to withdraw from an agreement within 14 days
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