Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Dood issues new seven point plan to reform financial markets

Debt on our Doorstep has today called for the Treasury to place more emphasis on protecting consumers in its strategy to deal with the financial crisis and to increase financial stability. In particular, Government should now legislate to allow the FSA and OFT to cap the cost of credit where it is apparent that these are reflective of high risks or where there is a failure of competition.

The paper also argues that Government cash used to bail out the banks must be diverted to those that need it most including homeowners with little or no equity, rather than to the wealthy who are the only ones currently benefitting from historically low bank base rates.

And noting that many people will now be defaulting on credit agreements and facing insolvency through no fault of their own, Debt on our Doorstep has also called for an immediate review of insolvency legislation and credit scoring mechanisms to ensure that people affected by the recession are rehabilitated back into mainstream financial services as soon as possible.

The full paper is available here

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